Filtering Cards


    To Filter Your Cards, visit and sign in. Click on the Cards tab.


    In the 'Cards' page, you will see a table containing a list of all the cards in your program. Just above that table, on the left side of the screen, there is 'Filter Cards by' followed by a blue '+' sign. At the same height on the right side, there is a button 'Apply'.


    Click the '+' sign, and a drop-down menu will offer you a selection of filters:

    - All Cards

    - Batch Number / Range

    - Inactivity

    - Card Status


    Selecting a filter will make another dropdown menu appear. In this menu, you can select the option to apply to your filter. Once you've selected your option, click the 'Apply' button to filter your cards.


    NOTE: Filtering your cards will enable the 'BULK ACTION' button.

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