Tracking eGift / PayPal transactions

You can track your eCommerce transactions with your PayPal merchant account and your Ackroo administrator account.


Find your PayPal transactions in the 'Activity' tab



Click on a transaction to open the transaction's details



Important information to be noted in the transaction's details page:

  • Transaction ID (Above: 7UK89865SB0562202)
  • order_id (Above: 98)
  • Payment Status (Above: Completed)


You can find this transaction in Ackroo's program console, in the eCommerce tab



As can be seen above, PayPal's Transaction ID is the 'Reference' number in Ackroo. This information can be used to search and find the transaction in Ackroo.

If you are unable to find the transaction in Ackroo, please send the order_id to with a short description of the issue.

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