Adding Promotional Funds to a Range of Cards

To add the same promotional value to multiple cards at once;

Visit and sign in.

  • Click on the Cards tab
  • Click on the large Action button at the top-right corner of the page and select Add Promotional Funds by Range.
  • In the pop-up window, choose the location you wish to apply the promotion FROM (i.e. Your specific store location, or if a single location-only, choose 'Head Office').
  • Choose the target location you wish to apply the promotion TO (i.e. Available to redeem at this specific store location).
  • Enter the $ amount of promotional funds you would like to apply to each card in the range.
  • Optional: Enter a Description to associate with the promotion. i.e. "Little League Fundraiser" so that you can reference it later on.


  • Choose the Batch Number associated to the Ackroo-ID on the back of the card. This is the 5-digit number AFTER the dash. (Ex. Ackroo ID: XX-12345, the Batch Number is 12345)
  • Choose the Card in Batch Number of the Start and Ending cards in the sequence being loaded. This number is associated to the Ackroo-ID on the back of the card and is the sequential number BEFORE the dash. (Ex. 25-XXXXX, the Card in Batch Number is 25)
    • Ex. If loading the first 25 cards in the box, the cards in the stack will have an Ackroo-ID reading: 1-12345 (Card 1) through to 25-12345 (Card 25).
    • The Batch Number is 12345.
    • The Card in Batch 'Start' number is 1 and 'End' number is 25.


  • You can select This Promotion Expires and enter a date at which this promotion will end. The funds will automatically be expired and erased from the card on the date you have selected.
  • Choose Activate Promotion
  • You will receive a Confirmation Email to confirm and summarize the range of cards successfully loaded.
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