Test TMC for Redeem a Gift Card

Here are the steps:


  1. Enter 1 then press OK
  2. The terminal displays the list of available tables. Select one of them. For example, I select “TABLE#29 bar5”. 
  3. The terminal displays the list of CHKs. There is not any CHKs in my terminal.
  4. The confirmation message is on the screen, press OK.
  5. Select “Partl”, “Split” or “Full”. For example, I select “Full” (F4).
  6. Select “Gift Card” or “Credit/ Debit”. Press F1 to select “Gift Card”.
  7. Add Tip. There are tree options: “%”, “$AMT”, and “SKIP”. I select “SKIP” (F4).
  8. Swipe the Card
  9. Redeem From: “All”, GIFT CARD”, or “LOYALTY”. I select “GIFT CARD” (F2).
  10. The terminal will display the balances, and wait to press OK.
  11. The terminal will print the receipt.
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