What is an Ackroo ID and where do I find it?


    If your cards were printed by Ackroo, you can find the Ackroo ID on the back of the card, below the card number.



    The Ackroo ID is a unique secondary number on each card that sequentially identifies a range of cards.

    • The number before the dash is the specific sequential card number
    • The number after the dash is the batch number for the entire group of cards printed


    From the example pictured above, the Ackroo ID 987-65432 represents:

    • Card number 987 of Batch 65432.
    • If Batch 65432 was generated for a total of 1000 cards, the Ackroo ID's would range from 1-65432 to 1000-65432.


    Note: If your cards were not printed by Ackroo and were imported from another provider into the Ackroo Anywhere platform, the Ackroo-ID will be assigned in our database, but will not be printed on the cards. You can easily find this number within the management dashboard.

    To locate an Ackroo ID, visit https://manage.ackroo.com and sign in.

    • Click on the Cards tab
    • Quickly locate a card by typing any piece of information you know about the card into the Quick Search field including;
      • Card number
      • Customer name
      • Customer email 
    • The card will populate in the table below your search
    • The Ackroo ID is visible in the first column displaying Card Info
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