What's the difference between a Clerk ID and an Access PIN?

From time to time, you may open your Virtual Terminal and find that it is asking your an Access PIN.  You enter your number but keep getting an "Access Denied" error.  This could be because you are entering your Clerk ID rather than the Access PIN.

What's the difference?

Access PIN

The Access PIN allows you to access the Virtual Terminal.  If for some reason, you get logged out of the Virtual Terminal (power outage, forced sign-out, cleared cache), you will be asked for an Access PIN in order to log in.  If  you have access to the Management Dashboard, you can refer to Accessing a Virtual Terminal App to generate a new Access PIN.  If you do not have access to the Management Dashboard, please contact your Program Administrator to generate the Access PIN for you.

Clerk ID:

Your Clerk ID is the unique identifier that represents each staff member individually.  This is the number that has been assigned to you in order to process transactions.  If you are not sure of your Clerk ID, your Program Administrator can look it up for you.


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