I keep getting a Network Error on my terminal


    If you are receiving a network error on your terminal, please consider the following questions to help determine what the issue is;

    Are you still able to process debit and/or credit card transactions?

    • If you are unable to process debit/credit transactions, there is an issue with the terminal and you’ll need to contact your payment provider for assistance.
    • If you are able to process debit/credit transactions, please reboot your terminal. Once the terminal has restarted, try accessing the Ackroo application.

     If the Network Error persists; determine what type of terminal you have:

     Hard-Wired? (plugged into Ethernet; Vx520, Vx820, iCT250)

    • Check to ensure the Ethernet cords are all firmly plugged in.
    • Check to ensure the router is communicating and reboot the router if necessary.

     Wireless? (Vx680, iWL2503G, Bluetooth)

    • Check to ensure the battery isn’t running low. (If it is running low, it may not be detecting the network)  Recharge the terminal and retry.
    • Check the internet/cellular connection; if the terminal shows low bars, try rebooting the router or getting closer to the signal.

     If you have tried these steps and the Network Error continues, please contact support@ackroo.com and our Support Team will troubleshoot further with you.

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