I keep getting a Network Error on my terminal

If you are receiving a network error on your terminal, please consider the following questions to help determine what the issue is;

Are you still able to process debit and/or credit card transactions?

  • If you are unable to process debit/credit transactions, there is an issue with the terminal and you’ll need to contact your payment provider for assistance.
  • If you are able to process debit/credit transactions, please reboot your terminal. Once the terminal has restarted, try accessing the Ackroo application.

 If the Network Error persists; determine what type of terminal you have:

 Hard-Wired? (plugged into Ethernet; Vx520, Vx820, iCT250)

  • Check to ensure the Ethernet cords are all firmly plugged in.
  • Check to ensure the router is communicating and reboot the router if necessary.

 Wireless? (Vx680, iWL2503G, Bluetooth)

  • Check to ensure the battery isn’t running low. (If it is running low, it may not be detecting the network)  Recharge the terminal and retry.
  • Check the internet/cellular connection; if the terminal shows low bars, try rebooting the router or getting closer to the signal.

 If you have tried these steps and the Network Error continues, please contact and our Support Team will troubleshoot further with you.

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