Managing Administrator Accounts


    To add users/administrators to your program;

    Visit and sign in.

    • Click on the Settings tab in your top menu bar.
    • Under the General heading, click 'Administrators'
    • Select a tab: Program / Business /Location
    • Click on the Add Administrator button.
    • Enter the full name and email address of the new user,
    • Assign a Clerk ID if desired,
    • Select the program, business, or location the user will be assigned to,
    • Click on OK
    • Click on the Action button beside the new users name and select "Send Welcome Email"

    The new user will receive an email prompting them to login and create a password.

    Note:  If you select “Read only access” the user will be able to log into the program but will not be able to perform any functions.  They will only be able to view the data within.

    Note:  If you are unsure of what type of access to provide to new users please refer to Administrator Roles & Responsibilities

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