Clerk Transaction Summary Report

The Clerk Transaction Summary Report will print a summary list of transaction that were processed on the POS terminal device, within a specified number of hours, per clerk.

This report requires the Ackroo POS manager password.

If you are in the SoftPay (the Verifone debit and credit payment application), press the * button until you see a menu that includes the Ackroo application.


Note: The following step-by-step procedure uses the Verifone Vx520 for demonstration purposes; however, the same steps apply to the both the Vx820 Duet and Vx680 as well.
Select 'ACKROO'

Select 'REPORTS'.

You may have to press the purple key directly below the down arrow to display the 'REPORTS' menu option.
Key in the Ackroo POS manager password and press OK.
Key in the number of historical hours from which to fetch transaction history.
A receipt will be printed with a summary of all transactions that took place in the defined number of hours per clerk.



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