New Features

The following new features and functions were added to version 310 of our Ackroo Pay POS software.

Support for Verifone Evolution Vx675

The Verifone Vx675 is the latest short/long range wireless device from Verifone. This small and compact POS terminal packs all the same features of it's big brother (the Vx680) with a much smaller footprint.


VOID transaction

Merchants can now VOID gift and/or loyalty transactions that were completed in error directly from the POS.


Reversal transaction

Merchants can now create reversal transactions for gift and/or loyalty transactions that were completed in error.


Issue transaction

Merchants can now activate and fund a gift and/or loyalty in one operation on the POS. This new transaction will allow merchants to more easily report on the number of newly distributed cards.


Refund transaction

Merchants can now create specific refund transaction (tracked separately from a fund transaction) for the case where goods/service are returned to the merchant’s place of business.


Multi-card fund transaction

Merchants can now fund multiple gift cards at the point of sale; merchants can fund up to 10 cards at once in a single operation on the POS.


Partial payments

Merchants can now configure their program to support partial payments, allowing the merchant to enter a redemption amount that is greater than the balance of the gift/loyalty card and alert them to any owed balance after the redemption transaction has completed.


Reprint receipt

Merchants can now re-print the merchant and/or cardholder receipts from the last transaction.


UX improvements for transaction errors

We have improved our error handling to help alleviate cases where failed transactions were not being caught until after the cardholder had left the place of business.

ACKAPP310 leverages the audio, video, and print media to better alert merchants to failed transactions; helping to ensure that errors are caught as soon as they occur.


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