Adding clerk IDs for your employees

Clerk IDs are a great way to associate transactions with the employees that completed them.

If you have not enabled the Clerk ID mode for your location, please read: Enabling clerk ID mode for your locations.

When this feature is enabled, your employees are assigned a unique identifier that they must enter in order to perform a transaction.

This feature allows you to produce transaction reports and track financial data by employee.


Point your web browser to and sign in.

  • Click the Point of Sale menu item.
  • Click the Preferences tab and select the Clerks sub-menu item.
  • Click the ADD CLERK
  • Select the Business and Location for which the employee works and enter an identifier as well as the employees first and last name, then click OK
    • The Business is the parent company for the location to which the employee works.
    • The Location is the actual locale from which the employee works.
    • The identifier is the unique number that the employee will use when processing a transaction.
    • The first and last name associates the identifier with an employee.


Note: Clerk IDs should be kept confidential to ensure no one is able to impersonate another employee when processing a transaction.

Note: In order to enable this feature on your Verifone or Ingenico terminals, you must first perform a Settings Update to synch your clerk IDs. If new Clerks are added or edited, the Settings Update is also required to synchronize any changes made.



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