Transfer Funds


    In the event that your customers gift/loyalty rewards card has been misplaced or stolen, you can replace the card for them by transferring their Balance and Registration Details to a new card and deactivate the old card.

    To transfer funds to a new card;

    Visit and sign in.

    • Select the Cards tab
    • Quickly locate a card by typing any piece of information you know about the card into the Search field including;
      • Card number
      • Customer name (if registered)
      • Customer email (if registered)
    • Once the matching card populates in the table, select the Action button and Transfer Funds
    • In the pop-up form, enter the NEW card number.
      • You can then check/leave unchecked if the lost/stolen card should be deactivated (recommended).

    Clicking on Transfer Funds will transfer all of your customers' registration data and balances to the new card.

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