Accessing a Virtual Terminal App

As an Ackroo Program, Business, or Location administrator, you can access your Virtual Terminal, from any Internet enabled computer, by going to the following link: For the best experience:

  • we recommend either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10+ and
  • we require that cookies be enabled. 


If you have not yet added a Virtual Terminal to your program, please read: Adding a Virtual Terminal App.

Point your web browser to and sign in.

  • Click the Point of Sale menu item.
  • Click the Virtual Terminals tab.
  • Locate your location from the list of activated virtual terminals.

Pro tip: Type your location name in the Search field.

  • From the row for your location, click the ACTION button and click the Access menu item to generate a PIN number.
  • Click the Access the Virtual Terminal web portal and input this PIN when prompted link below your new PIN number, this will open a new browser window, pointing to, and auto-populate the Access PIN for you.
  • From the Virtual Terminal web page, click the Login button

 You are now ready to process transactions!

 Note: You will not need to re-enter a new PIN unless you explicitly log out of the virtual terminal app or clear your browser cookies.

 Note:  Access PIN's are valid for 24 hours and can be used only once.

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