Web Virtual Terminal Overview

The Ackroo Virtual Terminal is a simple alternative to POS hardware for processing Ackroo gift and loyalty cards. In addition to card present transactions, the Ackroo Virtual Terminal allows your business or organization to accept gift and loyalty card payments over the phone, by fax, or mail.

Getting started with the Ackroo Virtual Terminal is quick and easy, and there’s no software to install.


  • Swipe using a magnetic swipe reader, scan using a bar code or QR code reader, or manually enter card information.*
  • Transaction is authorized in real time with one click of your mouse.
  • Transaction details are encrypted by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and 256-bit encryption.


  • Broadband Internet access.
  • Your browser is Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or higher.
  • You have an Ackroo Gift Card and Loyalty subscription.
  • USB port (required for optional magnetic swipe reader or barcode scanner).


* depends on the features of your cards


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