Network Error on a CHASE iWL/iCT Terminal

Scenario - I received a replacement Ingenico iWL/iCT terminal from CHASE Paymentech and when I complete the Ackroo 311 download with the USB stick previously provided, I get a Network Error when launching Ackroo.

What went wrong? - A recent software release for CHASE Paymentech iWL/iCT terminals is causing network connectivity issues when launching the Ackroo application, for Ackroo Version 3.11

What do I do now?

An Ackroo software update is required. Please delete the original file from the USB key that was originally provided by Ackroo and replace it with the file linked below:

  • Download Ackroo Version 3.08
  • NOTE: You must unzip the folder titled 'TELIUM' before you load it onto your USB key.
  • Complete the normal download instructions previously provided.
  • Once the download is complete and the terminal has rebooted, go to Third Party and select ‘Ackroo’ from the Menu.

You will likely get a ‘Network Error’ message again, and if so, continue with the steps below:

  • When ‘Network Error’ appears, press the '#' key >> Key in the password '112233'.
  • Select the 'Configuration' Menu.
  • Select the option for ‘Server Address’ and press Enter.
  • You must backspace (Yellow Key) and write over the text in this menu to read ''.
  • Tip: Use the number keys to scroll through the alphabet/symbols.
  • Press Enter/Green Key to save and return to the prior menu.
  • Hit Cancel/Red Key to exit and go back to the main Ackroo menu.
  • It will now ask you for a 6-digit activation PIN (you might need to reboot if it is not prompting this: Press and hold the Yellow Key and '#' together if so).

 For further instructions on how to generate a 6-digit Activation Pin, click here: 

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